Offers and Services

Professional, customer grabbing websites



Your website is most often the first impression that customers have of your business.

Make a great first impression with a professionally designed, functional site that makes new clients want to contact you.

Who is this service for?….

Every business should have website to show potential clients what you offer.  As well as a presence on Google my Business and Google Maps.

What we include with all our sites

All of our sites run on the fastest, european servers which helps with Google positioning.  We include photos and video of what your business offers. 

We look after everything including your personalised domain name and registration and maintenance on Google my business, as well as providing an easy way for your customers to contact you via email or WhatsApp. 

If you wish, we can also build in functional applications such as product catalogues, newsletter marketing, payment stystems, appointment booking systems or surveys etc etc.  You name it, we can build it.


Pricing:  Our professional websites start from 25€/month including all maintenance and hosting.


Multi-lingual Online Booking System



Most business owners prefer to dedicate their time to providing their services and improving their customers’ experience instead of organising appointment times with clients.  Our system automates the whole process of adapting to your customers availability.


What is the offer?

We offer a professional, multi-language, online booking system which is completely tailored to your business.

The system is easy to use for both yourself and your clients and works as a 24 hour personal secretary to make appointments.

The booking system has many useful features such as allowing your customers to easily pay online when they book and to receive automated emails or whatsapp about their reservation.  All in their own language.

Who is this service for?….

This system is designed for small businesses that rely on clients booking for individual or group services.  Businesses that could benefit are:


– Medical Clinics

– Vetenary practices

– Pysiotherapists

– Dentists

– Hairdressers

– Personal Trainers

– Yoga/Pilates teachers

– Etc. Etc.


For more details including pricing and an example website using the system:


Online Restaurant Menu



Most restaurant customers now expect to see a QR code on their table instead of having to wait for a waiter to give them a physical menu.

In addition, you can provide your customers with the convenience of knowing what in available on the menu in real time and all in their own language.

Who is this service for?….

This system is designed for restaurants, bistros and cafes that have an international customer base.


You can remove dishes and products that you no longer have available, as well as change prices and add addition menu items instantly.  The menu translates into all major languages in less than a second.



To see an example of a website using the system:


Pricing:  We charge 30€/month to manage the online menu system for your business.